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Exactly what a wide boy

Exactly what a wide boy

Zara high waist trousers £29.99

Naughty boys in nasty schools/Headmaster’s breaking all of the rules/Getting fun and playing fools/Smashing in the woodwork tools – go the lyrics to Madness’ 1980 hit, Baggy Pants, an autobiographical number concerning the time Suggs misspent within an ‘orrible comprehensive in North London. Prescient, because drainpipe pants, skinny jeans and flares appear to be hiatus this summer time with couple of other kinds available than wide-legs, from luxury labels though to High-street and fast fashion retailers.

Particularly, there are many shapes available, but they’re all wide. Baggy isn’t probably the most apt description fluid or flowing conclude much better. The best trews are cleverly tailored, certainly in the waist and potentially in the hem to ensure that volume of fabric isn’t any bar to find flattery – judiciously nipping in and balancing out. Thus a set of flowing pants is often as forgiving being an old friend, although one you’ll need to take into consideration in electric doorways as well as on escalators.

ASOS WHITE Stripe Wide Leg Trouser £75

ASOS White-colored Stripe Wide Leg Trouser £75

Various wide choices are summery culottes, but to feel modern choose slightly stiff, instead of wafty fabric – twill is good. Longer length ones are awesome, covering knees or perhaps skimming ankles. Also nice are lengthy, floor-sweeping wide flares, a lot more like a b-line than ‘fit and flare’ flares. There are the classic, flannel-type that Oxbridge students may have teamed using their over-lengthy scarves and bicycles. Lastly, you will find the greater conceptual, popped wide legs, less than culottes however a tailored, almost tapered, “ovoid” pants, a great choice for anybody not fortunate with much height attempting to enjoy wide-legs. Full-on palazzo pants are more effective around the tall, or with the help of chunky platform sandals, so a popped but controlled spacious pair may be the perfect solution.


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