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Margaret Atwood ‘humbled’ to win PEN Pinter Prize 2016

Margaret Atwood ‘humbled’ to win PEN Pinter Prize 2016


Canadian author and ecological campaigner Margaret Atwood has won the PEN Pinter Prize.

The 76-year-old author, most widely known for that Handmaid’s Tale and MaddAddam, is “honoured and humbled” to get the award, established in ’09 in memory of Nobel Laureate playwright Harold Pinter.

Authors in the Republic of eire and also the Commonwealth were qualified for that prize the very first time this season, with previous winners including Carol Ann Duffy, Tom Stoppard and Salman Rushdie.

It’s awarded yearly to some author who, within the words of Pinter’s Nobel Prize in Literature speech, casts an “unflinching, unswerving gaze upon the planet with “fierce intellectual determination” to show the reality regarding our way of life and society.

“I am humbled is the person receiving the 2016 PEN Pinter Prize. I understood Harold Pinter and labored with him – he authored the scenario for that film form of The Handmaid’s Tale, in 1989 – and the burning feeling of injustice at human legal rights abuses and also the repression of artists was impressive even so,Inches stated Atwood.

“Any champion of these an award is really a stand-set for the lots of people all over the world who speak and act against such abuses. I’m honoured to become 2010 stand-in.”


Faye Dunaway and Natasha Richardson within the Handmaid’s Tale (1990)

Pinter’s widow Antonia Fraser stated: “Harold respected Margaret Atwood in 3 ways, like a author, a campaigner along with a person. He’d be especially delighted by her generous reaction to this award.”

Atwood need the award and deliver a previous address in a public British Library event on October 13, where she’ll also announce her co-champion, the 2016 Worldwide Author of Courage, selected from PEN’s shortlist. Previous winners include Raif Badawi, Mazen Darwish and Iryna Khalip.

The writer will be provided having a cartoon by Martin Rowson of herself alongside all of the previous winners inside a cricket scene, as Pinter would be a huge cricket fan.

2010 PEN Pinter Prize idol judges were Vicky Featherstone, Zia Haider Rahman, Peter Stothard, Antonia Fraser and president of British PEN and chair of idol judges Maureen Freely.

“In an occupation covered with careerists who’re happy to tend to their personal gardens, Margaret Atwood may be the shining exception,” stated Freely.

“She doesn’t just defend her concepts: in novel after novel, she’s place them towards the test. What she does like a campaigner only has offered to deepen her act as a author of fiction. She’s a motivation to all of us all.”

Additional reporting by Press Association


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