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Das Boot through an eight-hour Tv show follow up

Das Boot through an eight-hour Tv show follow up


Classic German drama Das Boot – the unrelentingly claustrophobic epic from Wolfgang Petersen – is to buy a follow-up by means of a tv miniseries.

There are viewed the video since its release almost 30 years ago, possibly it is time for any refresh because Variety is reporting the series will get directly where it ended.

Compiled by Tony Saint and Johannes W. Betz, the series – created by Bavaria Films for $28 million – is going to be made up of eight episodes.

An adaptation of Lothar-Günther Buchheim’s novel The Boat, the World war 2-set drama told the imaginary story of males serving aboard a U-boat and it was told largely with the point of view of German forces – a trait that’ll be ongoing within the series.

Talking about the choice to create a continuation, Bavaria Films’ Chief executive officer Christian Franckenstein stated:

“Today, inside your, anti-war tales have to be told. The notions of war and terror are ubiquitous. The misguided actions of youthful men driven to commit functions of terror by false ideologies are apparent… The 1981 film Das Boot is exclusive, and we’re approaching our use the finest of respect with this masterpiece. You want to develop the strong make of Das Boot and continue telling the storyline inside a contemporary manner by utilizing every filmmaking and storytelling technique open to us today.”

The Das Boot miniseries is anticipated to air on Sky channels around the globe in an unannounced stage in 2018. It is a puzzle whether the film’s original cast – including Jürgen Prochnow – or filmmaker Petersen will return in almost any capacity.

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