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11 best pasta bowls

11 best pasta bowls


Plates are passé, allegedly. Major homeware retailers are convinced that bowls and coupes (that’s an in-depth plate) are actually out-selling the dining room table staple. Brands are growing the figures of bowls within their ranges – and stocking them in additional sizes and shapes. The main reason? We’re consuming more foods that simply do not work very well on plates, inside a more casual setting. We’re speaking the kind of pasta, grain dishes, noodles and soups like pho and bone broth individuals foods with sauces that aren’t suitable for a set surface. And given less people now get your meals at a table than in the past, bowls also help make stuff that bit less spillable if you are located on the couch. That stated, bowls also look wonderful on the dining room table and also the huge range available means you may be really inventive having a table setting.

We’d say pasta bowls may well be a good starting point with overhauling your crockery collection. These wide, relatively shallow bowls – none of those tend to be more than five centimetres deep – lend themselves perfectly towards the Italian staple, though clearly place anything you want inside them.

1. George Home Energise Pasta Bowl: £12 for 4, Asda


Asda’s home range, George, has some seriously good-value dinnerware. We believe these 22cm porcelain bowls having a pretty mint eco-friendly design really are a situation in point. They’re 5cm deep, same goes with hold a large portion, too.

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2. Denby Monsoon Kyoto: £9.60, Denby


Denby’s dinnerware is many people’s go-to for sets, and they are available in designs from traditional to super-contemporary. That one was inspired by an oriental floral pattern. In pretty, although not-too-in-your-face pink, orange, blue and eco-friendly, it’s a method to do flowers without going OTT. At 24.5cm, it’s wider than some out there.

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3. Sophie Conran for Portmeirion Pasta Bowl: £13.50, John Lewis


For individuals who choose white-colored, Sophie Conran’s chic porcelain dinnerware collection is our best choice. The rippled surface and irregular shape which makes each bit unique helps the number stick out in the pack (and also the grooves also stop things sliding your hands). It offers from a breadbin to some toast rack, if you think inclined to gather all.

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4. M&S Tribeca Pasta Bowl: £5, Marks & Spencer


If you are after an understated, solid-feeling bowl which will match your overall colour-plan, we reckon this stoneware one from Marks and Spencer is really a acutely priced, quality option.

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5. Da Terra Splash Pasta Bowl: £17, Unique and Unity


Da Terra’s bowls are hand crafted in Portugal and vibrant colours symbolic of the hotter climate have been in evidence in the range. This stoneware bowl, hands decorated in wealthy blue hues and sunny orange, is really inspired by Rio de Janeiro – we believe it’s only the factor to consume from as you’re watching the Olympic games this summer time.

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6. Barber & Osgerby Olio Duck Egg Pasta Bowl: £15, Royal Doulton


It’s the types of materials that stand out within this collaboration between Royal Doulton and London-based designers Barber and Osgerby (the duo accountable for the Olympic torch and also the new Crossrail trains). Here, you receive an uncovered stoneware base contrasting having a pale duck egg bowl. It makes sense elegant but eye-catching accessory for the table.

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7. Habitat Sintra: £10, Habitat


We like the reactive glaze about this smart eco-friendly bowl produced from tough stoneware that provides a kind of graduated effect inside, as well as makes each look quite different. This is among the slightly smaller sized, shallower bowls out there – 21cm by 3cm – so works well should you have only a concise table.

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8. 1882 Limited, Indigo Storm 25cm: £15.96, Selfridges


London-based designer Faye Toogood’s collection for 1882 Ltd’s design-brought ceramic range is known as Indigo Storm, and also the pattern around the hands-glazed piece is really similar to turbulent skies and seas. There’s also plates, cups along with a little jug within the range, which take presctiption our wishlist.

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9. Sainsbury’s Soft Square Pasta Bowl: £5, Sainsbury’s


Who states pasta bowls have to be round? Should you fancy different things, these white-colored square ones from Sainsbury’s reliable home range are satisfyingly simple, and a bargain.

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10. Loveramics Flutter Pasta Bowl: £11, Amara


The intricate hummingbird design about this white-colored porcelain bowl is really a contemporary undertake historic Chinese Hua Niao (that translates at bird-and-flower painting, For your information). The pictures are partially around the rim, giving the sense of the bird flying. It’s the type of design which get visitors giving these another look.

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11. ECP Vegetali Porcelain Tomato Bowl: £39.98 for just two, Wayfair


These porcelain bowls adorned with Ruth Jackson’s instance of juicy Italian cherry tomato plants are a perfect match for any generous – they’re 24cm diameter – bowl of penne all’Arrabbiata, we reckon. There are more vegetable designs within the range, if funghi is much more your factor.

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If you are on a tight budget, Sainsbury’s, George or M&S’s bowls are great value for that quality. To have an eye-catching, British designed piece, we like Faye Toogood’s Indigo Storm collection for 1882 Limited.

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